Townhouses are a great solution to inner-suburb living. If you want to build but don’t need a lot of space a townhouse can get you on the path to owning your home quicker. This style of development could also potentially offer some fantastic rewards on your path to financial freedom if you choose to subdivide. Having two townhouses on a lot can be a sound financial decision.



Advantages of a townhouse development may include:

  • Adding income stream by renting a second property (if an investment property already).
  • Sell one of the properties and continue to live in the other (if it’s your primary place of residence). This option will give you the freedom to downsize while still living in your neighbourhood.
  • An opportunity for a potential profit that could be utilised to pay off your mortgage or simply put cash in the bank.


Although it is a very similar process to a duplex development, a townhouse development will need to incorporate several other aspects to allow sufficient vehicle movement/parking areas and to ensure that the existing house meets current planning regulations. Cascon will ensure site meetings are held to accurately assess the opportunities and constraints in each and every project with a focus on maximising your returns.


  • I was thinking of building my own house but I do not know what the design will be and how much it will cost. Luckily, Cascon builders provided all that for me. Thank you for making my dream house come true.


    Bernadette K.

  • A custom design house that turned out perfect. A big special thanks to the site supervisor and the management at Cascon Design & Construction. The whole build was easy and the creation was exceptional. I would highly recommend you visit Cascon Design & Construction and discuss your dream and make it reality.


    Brandon Choi